Fewer than 100 days left for the thesis

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Week two of Hilary begins tomorrow. That means thirteen more weeks until the thesis is due. There will also be two more significant research papers that need to be written, in the next seven weeks. Collectively, that will be about 36,000 researched, written, and edited words.

This week, I should probably concentrate on secondary sources directly related to the scientific basis for Stockholm and Kyoto.

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6 thoughts on “Fewer than 100 days left for the thesis”

  1. It’s not the words that need to be written that concern me. It’s the words of other people to be read, before I can even really begin.

  2. That’s only, what, 300 words a day from now until then? Just keep cracking those rocks.

  3. Sorry if I missed this, but how long must your thesis be?

    Anyway, good luck this term!

  4. The thesis is to be under 30,000 words.

    It must be “on a topic that enables you to show knowledge in depth of a subject bearing on international relations: at the risk of stating the obvious, it is a key part of the evidence that the examiners need that you have mastery of international relations.”

    More information is here, though the timeline they describe is not one that anybody I know has followed.

  5. If blogging helps you unwind and relax, continue to enjoy it. If it starts to feel like an obligation with the rising pressure of thesis writing, take a break and people will understand.

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