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Sun Microsystems sent me a free copy of Solaris 10 to try. Now, I just need a SPARC or x86 system on which to install it. This will probably need to wait until my return to Canada. Once I am in a more settled environment (unlikely to move for more than a couple of years), I intend to set up a server or two of my own.

I am curious about Solaris compares to a number of Linux distros I have used, such as Red Hat, SUSE, Knoppix, Ubuntu, and the BSD / Darwin / NEXTSTEP combination in OS X. The blog and wiki both run on Red Hat and Apache Server.

If anyone with a PPC system (pre-Intel Macs, like Powerbooks and iBooks) wants to try Ubuntu, I still have two extra copies kicking around. If nothing else, it is very useful as a system recovery disk.

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