$5000 video contest

Loyal readers have helped my brother Mica win video contests before, and their efforts have been much appreciated. Now, Mica is in the final ten for the Molson Canadian contest mentioned here earlier. If he wins, he gets a nice contribution towards reduced student loans.

This one is a bit more of a pain to vote in than the previous competitions. Firstly, you need to have a Facebook account. Secondly, you need to join the group ‘Molson Canadian Nation.’ Thirdly, you need to sign up as a ‘Molson Insider.’ Unfortunately, this needs to be done with a real email address, since they send you a verification message. By now, everybody probably has a secondary account used for such spam-inviting registrations.

Each Molson Insider can vote once per day, and the final round of the contest runs until Friday. Once properly registered, you can vote here. Only those in Canada can vote. Any support would be much appreciated. More of Mica’s videos can be viewed on his website, where he really ought to put some kind of post about this contest.

[Update: 28 September 2007] The results are back and Mica finished second. As such, he will be getting some sort of prize pack instead of $5000. Thanks to all those readers who voted for him. I think this is the first video contest he has entered that he did not win outright.

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