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The first day of bike searching has yielded no success. I investigated the Bike Dump on Catherine and learned that they only have a single dingy old hybrid for sale – for $265 – and will get no more for weeks. A shop on Bank Street was no better, nor was another in the Byward Market.

Tomorrow, I will try the Bike Co-Op. Also, I will keep trawling Craiglist. I want to get something soon enough that I will have a chance to explore before cold and ice makes cycling here hazardous.

PS. All this demonstrates, once again, the inefficiency of moving often. It means you need to do time consuming things over and over again. Also, you need to suffer all the inefficiency of not knowing which places are likely to provide what you are seeking, as well as the loss associated with selling it all at the end (or frantically giving it away, as became the case in Oxford).

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Litty September 23, 2007 at 2:04 pm

Was Pecco’s the place in the Market? They aren’t the best option, dollar for dollar.

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