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The Economist’s Richard Casement internship is seeking applicants once again. The winner will spend three months this coming summer in London, writing about science and technology. They are most keen on people with a scientific background who are inclined to try their hand at journalism. The work environment would probably be incredibly stimulating, and the intern would likely make a lot of useful contacts. Partly because of that, they get a lot of applicants. Despite how the job offers only a “small stipend,” they got 220 applicants for the position last year.

I am not applying this year, though I encourage others to do so. The article I wrote last year, about the importance of hash functions, can be accessed online.

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  1. We invite applications for the 2008 Richard Casement internship. This is for a would-be journalist to spend three months of the summer working on the newspaper in London, writing about science and technology. Our aim is more to discover writing talent in a science student or scientist than scientific aptitude in a budding journalist. Applicants should write a letter introducing themselves, along with an original article of about 600 words that they think would be suitable for publication in the science and technology section. They should be prepared to come for an interview in London or New York, at their own expense. A small stipend will be paid to the successful candidate. Applications must reach us by February 22nd. They should be sent to:

  2. Hi! I found your blog on Google (har, har). I was wondering: how many days after the deadline did you receive your rejection letter (to put it bluntly)? Ha, ha: I’m rather anticipating mine; I applied this year. Thanks! :D

  3. I got my rejection email on Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 11:58 AM EST.

    In that year, there were 220 applicants for the single internship.

  4. Oh, okay. Sheesh, they really take their time, don’t they? Ha, ha. There are probably a lot of applicants this year too (sigh). Thanks for replying! :D

  5. By this point, they are probably finding the burden of reviewing hundreds of applications quite overbearing. After all, it’s only for a three month internship.

  6. How many times can you apply for this internship? is at as many times as you like before your 25?

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