Google transit in Vancouver

Google Transit has now been rolled out for a few Canadian cities: namely, Vancouver, Montreal, and Fredericton. I tried asking it about a dozen or so common transit trips in Vancouver and it seemed to be both fast and accurate. For example, here is how to get from Edgemont Village, in North Vancouver, to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. Here is how to get from White Rock to Horseshoe Bay. It also knows about the Skytrain.

It is also much less bothersome than the proprietary transit webpages built by people like Translink and STM. I hope it gets rolled out for Ottawa and Toronto soon.

The Japanese version is especially impressive. It includes buses, trains, ferries, and domestic air travel.

Author: Milan

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2 thoughts on “Google transit in Vancouver”

  1. My brother showed me this magical-ness before! It’s ridiculously helpful. Especially for when the TransLink site inevitably crashes, or takes upwards of 10 minutes to process your route request.

    The internet makes my heart glad sometimes..

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