Day three of illness


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Rubble and the CN Tower

Sorry to have nothing interesting to say this morning. Unfortunately, I have been laid low by some bug with a fondness for the cells in my larynx. This seems to be the season for upper respiratory tract infections. Half my floor at work has become an impromptu orchestra of hacking coughs. The situation is similar with my neighbors.

The worst thing about all this is just how draining the illness is: demanding twelve hours of fitful attempts at sleep per day, yet still leaving you exhausted whenever you are up and about. The curious oscillations between only being comfortable when wrapped in several layers of wool and blankets and feeling hot when sitting around at room temperature in ordinary clothing are also notable. Falling asleep is also made challenging by the constant headache and joint pain. Even when one has managed to fall asleep for a few minutes, either a bout of coughing or a perceived temperature swing is sure to end that before long.

I am very much hoping that a weekend spent tossing and turning in bed will vanquish this bug.

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R.K. April 26, 2008 at 12:04 pm

That sounds like influenza:

# Body aches, especially joints and throat
# Coughing and sneezing
# Extreme coldness and fever
# Fatigue
# Headache
# Irritated watering eyes
# Nasal congestion
# Reddened eyes, skin (especially face), mouth, throat and nose

I hope you feel better soon.

Emily April 26, 2008 at 9:54 pm

Hope you feel better soon.. that sounds awful..

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