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Those who work in Gatineau should consider Restaurant Salade Spot as a quicker and cheaper alternative to Gaia. Located at 175 Promenade de Portage, it sells wraps and salads starting at $4.50 and $5.50 respectively. For $7.90, I got a large spinach salad with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, green olives, black beans, hard boiled eggs, blue cheese, and honey mustard dressing – including the $2.00 cost for a re-usable plastic container for it. Those who buy or bring a re-usable container get two free extra ingredients for their salad. Mine was markedly better than an equally filling meal of similar price from Marcello’s or Subway.

Apparently, they also source as many of their ingredients as possible locally. All told, it is definitely a place worth trying for those working in Place de Portage, les Terrasses de la Chaudière, and the vicinity.

[Update: 14 April 2009] It seems Salade Spot went bankrupt. I went there for lunch today and found the windows papered over and a ‘for sale’ sign up. There was no indication that the place had relocated, rather than shut down.

Author: Milan

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  1. Are those signs saying you can’t lock your bike up on the parking meters? Why would they forbid that? It makes up for a lack of purpose-built bike racks, doesn’t obstruct the use of the meters, and allows people to secure their bikes on very solid objects that cannot be easily cut, dug out, or knocked over.

  2. I’ve been going to Salade Spot quite regularly since it first opened. I was quite disappointed the day that the owner (who also works the cash), told me today that she could no longer offer me the chicken as one out of the two extra ingredients on a regular ceasar salad (I too bought the container for $2.00). At first this was an option as I did not want to add any 2 other ingredients to a ceasar salad. Today I did not even buy the cesar. I went for a Cobb. Seems she’s only happy when you go for the higher priced salads, b/c she had the nerve to tell me this after I made my purchase. Personally, I find that they are getting cheaper and cheaper and are not that concerned with providing the best customer service. Another example, I went there to order a salad, and they drew it out of one of their fridges just below the salad bar, alreay “pre-made”. I thought that a previous customer had discarded his order! She said it was to save time – there was no one else in there. Not good in my opinion. The reason I started coming here was for the freshness and personal service. Forget that now, and forget me telling all of my friends and colleagues about this place. There are, afterall, places that will not compromise good customer service practice.

  3. We sincerely apologize for making your experience an uncofortable one. It is our hope that we can make it up to you. Our goal as a company is to have the freshest produce and the truly the best customer service. If you do get this message, please speak to the cashier and we will provide to you with a %50 discount on your next order.

    Cody McMillan
    Salade Spot

  4. I still go to Salade Spot regularly and find it to be both tasty and a good deal, especially if you bring a re-usable tupperware container and get six ingredients instead of four.

  5. When I went for lunch today, I saw that Salade Spot has apparently gone bankrupt. It’s quite a shame, since they were one of the best options for tasty and healthy food in the area.

    It would be interesting to see a numerical analysis of what went wrong.

  6. While the numbers might tell you something, most of the reason that healthy places to eat fail is people have been trained to choose the cheaper, less healthy, option.

  7. I missed this post when it was first published but I find it a bit weird that Salade Spot is considered as an alternative to Cafe Gaia. I might be biaised because I know one of the owner of Cafe Gaia but almost everything there (including bread) is made from scratch and, when possible, from organic ingredients.

    People in the area might also be interested in Delish on Laval street. They often have vegan and organic options and the food is delicious.

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