Bluegrass at Raw Sugar

Residents of Centretown should consider attending the beer and bluegrass evening taking place tonight at Raw Sugar (692 Somerset W). The event will run between 8:00pm and 10:00pm.

While I cannot recall the name of the band that will be performing, I am told their last session was enjoyable and well received.

[Update] The lead performer is Miles Howe, and he will be bringing along a number of other singers and musicians.

Author: Milan

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4 thoughts on “Bluegrass at Raw Sugar”

  1. They were, ah, real folksy. You know? Like they had their mandolins (or just one, or whatever) and, uh, everyone had a good time. It was pretty cool for the Ottawa scene.

    Raw Sugar’s a good venue.

    Dictated, not read

  2. It is quite a good informal setting for music, though the seating opportunities are rather limited.

  3. In a subsequent Raw Sugar music night, I saw Lisa Poushinsky and Brian Simms perform Tom Waits covers. They were very entertaining.

    Zoom has a description of the evening here.

  4. A similar experience can be obtained at the music nights on Saturday nights in the winter at the Hollyburn cross – country ski lodge on Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. There is bluegrass this weekend. This can be preceded by a brisk afternoon of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing . The snow is quite good this year.

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