Studio experimentation III


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This weekend, I took my flash gear on location to shoot some baby photos for a friend of mine. Overall, I am quite happy with them. For the most part, they were taken using a shoot-through umbrella for diffusion, as well as manual flash power and aperture. A few use ceiling-bounced TTL flash, and others just natural light and a reflector.

As with the previous shots of my brother and tabletop objects, the linked image files have not been digitally manipulated.

At some point soon, I mean to experiment with shooting some backlit glass.

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alison February 3, 2009 at 10:10 pm

These are really good photos.

Not at all like the collaboration between Celine Dion and baby photographer Anne Geddes (

People will pay to have Anne Geddes take photos of Celine Dion & their baby. Very strange. Celine as the universal maternal figure…?

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