Video on the history of the Earth

Seed Magazine has a neat video up, in celebration of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. It condenses the 4.6 billion year history of the Earth into one minute of footage. As such, it gives one a sense of perspective, in terms of how little of the history of life humanity has witnessed.

One quibble: the video refers to photosynthesis by ‘blue-green algae,’ which is a misnomer. So-called ‘blue-green algae’ aren’t algae at all; they aren’t even plants. They are cyanobacteria.

Author: Milan

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3 thoughts on “Video on the history of the Earth”

  1. Interesting and informative video . . . don’t blink at the end, you might miss us.

  2. This video provides a nice counterpoint to those who argue that things like DNA could never have emerged by chance. It took a very long time for the foundations of modern life to be established.

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