Slowing the demise of Germany’s last glacier

Apparently, the last glacier in Germany is going to be covered up during the summertime to reduce melting. Located in Bavaria, at an altitude of 2,962m, the Zugspitze glacier will have an area the size of a soccer field covered with 30 metre long tarps, in order to protect its 40 remaining metres of thickness.

Apparently, protecting glacier coverings are also being used in Switzerland and Austria.

Author: Milan

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3 thoughts on “Slowing the demise of Germany’s last glacier”

  1. That is sad.

    How many glaciers did they have twenty years ago? Fifty? One hundred?

  2. I am not sure.

    According to Jared Diamond’s Collapse, Glacier National Park in Montana went from having over 150 glaciers in the late 1800s to having about 35 now. They expect the park to have none by 2030.

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