Could anyone use a cell phone?

Would anybody have use for a Nokia 6275i cell phone? As it stands, it would only work with Bell, but I could try to unlock it if that would be helpful. I have used it for the last two years, but it is in good condition (some cosmetic scratches, no functional problems). It is a good phone: relatively small, with well-designed software and a fairly intuitive physical interface.

It has a reasonable camera for a cell phone, basic web browsing capabilities, and the ability to use any MP3 as a ringtone. I would include a USB cable for free.

If nobody wants it, I will donate it to a charity.

Author: Milan

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15 thoughts on “Could anyone use a cell phone?”

  1. thanks for the reply, where r u located and how much you will charge. Also does it work with Bell canada? pls let me know
    Thank you

  2. I live in Ottawa. I wouldn’t charge anything for the phone, but would want to be paid back if I shipped it anywhere.

    The phone only works with Bell, since it is ‘locked’ on their network.

  3. Thanks, How much do you think will cost you to post at the following address:
    M2J 1L6

    Please let me know and if its suits to me then I will depost the money in your account here. Let me know if its okay to you
    also please send me your contact info at

  4. I expect that it will cost less than $10 to mail.

    Remember that this is just the phone, with no charger. I will include the original manual if I can find it.

  5. thats fine, I dont know if you can mail in way that i will pay here at the time of pickup from post office. so that you dont need to pay the postal fee, the other option is you send me your bank A/c to my email and i will deposit the money first and then you send to me. please do whatever suits you. I undersatnd that no charger with it, I take it as long as its works fine with Bell

    Please let me know what option you would like so that i will send you my complete address

    Thank you

  6. Good Monring, I am still waiting for your reply.
    Please let me know what would you like to do?

  7. I will mail the phone as soon as I get the chance. I wasn’t able to find the manual, but it is probably possible to find online.

  8. dont worry abt the manual, i can get it online, let me know when u are ready so that i can will send my complete address.Thanks

  9. please just add, Apt 111
    Let me know the postal price which i have to pay either at the post office or bank or any other mean, i.e. western union etc
    Thanks you again

  10. The phone is in the mail and should arrive by 5:00pm tomorrow.

    The tracking number is 0103 5850 0007 7031.

    It cost $10.28 to send. If you have a credit card, you could send me that amount via PayPal. If not, you could always just mail me a $10 bill.

  11. Thanks a lot, give me your mailing address and i will send you cheaque
    i never pay through paypal thats i am not used to it. I can send you via western union but i need your phone number for this option. Let me know whatever suits to you.
    Thank you again

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