Post frequency advisory

My normal schedule of posts is highly likely to be disrupted in the coming weeks, and perhaps months. I have a new project that seems likely to demand a lot of time.

My hope is that it will eventually help to deal with the challenge of climate change.

Author: Milan

In the spring of 2005, I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations and a general focus in the area of environmental politics. In the fall of 2005, I began reading for an M.Phil in IR at Wadham College, Oxford. Outside school, I am very interested in photography, writing, and the outdoors. I am writing this blog to keep in touch with friends and family around the world, provide a more personal view of graduate student life in Oxford, and pass on some lessons I've learned here.

9 thoughts on “Post frequency advisory”

  1. I strongly suspect that this eventuality is all but certain, for what it’s worth.

    In the mean time, three cheers for tax policy.

  2. No, but seriously…

    I hope that it turns out to be an interesting and worthwhile experience for you. I’m sure that some of the knowledge that you garner will come in handy, maybe when you least expect it. Also, keep in mind that firm and effective climate stabilizing policy would require some thorough tax fund reshuffling, and maybe the introduction of new or different taxes.

    Also, the Beatles wrote a great song about the tax man. You can sing that, as you make your way merrily into the Ottawa tax castle.

  3. If you need help running the blog during this time, I’d happily volunteer my services. In fact, I’ve been meaning to pitch to you an idea of incorporating a fan fiction section for the 80s sitcom The Golden Girls.

  4. Matt,

    Could you send a couple of example posts and images?


    I can only hope it will prove applicable one way or another. Getting randomly assigned a five month task reminds me of high school.

  5. I also wish you wish you all the best in your new experience.

    Regarding Sindark, Congratulations as today your 200,000th visitor will come to your site since Sitemeter began noting the visits (during which there were over 400,000 page views).

  6. Milan,

    It is amazing how determined you are in maintaining new entries for “sibilant intake a breath”. In your August 4 post you mentioned you indicated that the normal schedule of posts is highly likely to be disrupted. After a well deserved hiatus from posting new entries from August 6 to 10, you have resumed a steady supply. There have been 29 new entires in the next 21 days. You have only missed two days. I as one of your faithful readers, appreciate this determination.

    Having said this , I encourage you to take well deserved breaks from posting new entries.

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