The CBC is growing on me

I wasn’t always the biggest fan of the CBC. I found the argument that we have plenty of diversity in commercial stations relatively convincing. More recently, I have found myself more appreciative of public broadcasters including the CBC and – for international news – the BBC. They do cover politics well.

In addition to providing good content with no advertising, they both run very useful websites.

Author: Milan

In the spring of 2005, I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations and a general focus in the area of environmental politics. In the fall of 2005, I began reading for an M.Phil in IR at Wadham College, Oxford. Outside school, I am very interested in photography, writing, and the outdoors. I am writing this blog to keep in touch with friends and family around the world, provide a more personal view of graduate student life in Oxford, and pass on some lessons I've learned here.

4 thoughts on “The CBC is growing on me”

  1. Personally, I always found the coverage of politics on CBC news to be laughably, pitifully inadequate, but then that was by comparison to the BBC, which provides detailed analysis and expertise in their news broadcasts instead of just bland statements about how other public figures reacted to whatever the event was. I can’t count how many times the CBC news account of a government proposal was almost verbatim “x says this measure goes to far; y says it doesn’t go far enough”.

  2. I do not know about BBC coverage. I expect it may be excellent given its worldwide reputation.

    My comparison is with other radio stations in Canada. CBC seems so very good in that comparison. I appreciate (although do not listen enough) to the high level of programming. The exception is the morning show which I think it is basically mimicking the light chatter of the other radio stations.

    I will make a concerted effort to listen to CBC this week over that of other radio stations.

  3. Two days of increased listening to the CBC – well worth listening to.

    One of the challenges for the CBC are the amount of choice for listeners today, and even more with self selection through I-Pods etc.

    I understand that the change of programming on CBC 2 has been directed towards attracting a younger audience. As most contributors to this blog are a younger audience, do you feel the new programming on CBC 2, especially musically, draws you?

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