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I am happy to say that I continue to endure without a printer at home, though that does sometimes make it difficult to print my Greyhound tickets. What I do think I need, however, is a scanner. Such a machine would let me keep track of my correspondence more easily and also let me archive documents that could be important in the future. It could also be useful if I do find myself enrolled in a doctoral program.

I don’t want to spend a fortune, if possible, and these are the key features I need:

  • Works with Mac OS (ideally with no need for the vendor’s software)
  • Scans text nicely to TIFF or PDF
  • Can scan photos acceptably
  • A multi-sheet feeder would be nice, but is not absolutely essential
  • Relatively small and portable

I don’t need to be able to handle documents larger than legal size, and I don’t need to be able to scan photos at commercial quality. There is definitely some chance I will be moving cities at some point in the next year, so it would be good to get something that wouldn’t be too difficult to bring along with me.

So, do readers have any suggestions?

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