The measure of a man

An interesting find, from Wikipedia:

Constituents of the human body in a person weighing 60 kg

Constituent – Weight – Percentage of atoms

  • Oxygen – 38.8 kg – 25.5 %
  • Carbon – 10.9 kg – 9.5 %
  • Hydrogen – 6.0 kg – 63.0 %
  • Nitrogen – 1.9 kg – 1.4 %
  • Other – 2.4 kg – 0.6 %

Bonus geek points to anyone who remembers the Star Trek: TNG episode with the same title as this post.

Author: Milan

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One thought on “The measure of a man”

  1. Hydrogen – 6.0 kg – 63.0 %

    Definitely the low-calorie option! 63% of the atoms, with just 10% of the weight.

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