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Six months after the last time I moved (with much very appreciated assistance from Andrea, Mehrzad, and Lauren), I am packing everything up again.

I guess my life in the Beaver Barracks will never involve the stage between when you have unpacked everything from moving in and when you start packing it up again to leave. Some boxes that have remained packed since I moved in are just being added straight to the ‘moving out’ pile.

I wish my scheme for an international storage services company had already been implemented by someone.

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Milan August 5, 2011 at 7:59 pm

Just as I wear my clothes in order from most to least comfortable, after washing them, I find that I am packing things in order from easiest to pack to most difficult to pack.

Easiest: blocks of books taken down from shelves

Hardest: precious hot sauces that need a cold chain between Ottawa and Toronto.

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