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I have only been here 24 hours, but New Orleans (henceforth NOLA, as posting from iPhone) has displaced Dublin as the friendliest place I have visited.

Near my hostel, three random people asked me to take their photos, then warned me not to show the camera in that neighbourhood after dark.

I have already made a start into exploring local cuisine. Tonight, I am going to see live music on Frenchman Street. In addition to being friendly, NOLA seems very affordable in terms of food, accommodation, and transport. You can get an all-day bus and streetcar pass for $3.

It is hot here but not too humid and everywhere is air conditioned, including the brightly pleasant streetcars running up Canal Street.

If anyone knows any locals who might show me sights beyond the Lonely Planet collection, that would be amazing. Email is the only real way to reach me, as I float from WiFi island to WiFi island.

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Rose August 15, 2011 at 9:11 pm

The Oak Alley Plantation is definitely on Lonely Planet but it’s one of the most mythical places in the world. Go in the afternoon and enjoy a mint julep while watching the sunshine stream through the moss-draped oak branches. I went to New Orleans because of this image I had of Oak Alley and it lived up to all expectations.

…I wish I bought their pineapple scented candle…

oleh August 16, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Do you have any explanation for why NOLA is so friendly? Pop psychology reasons are totally good.

I wonder if it may be:
1. the prevalence of music
2. going back to a French joie de vivre

I also find that when I am traveling the world seems quite friendly.

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