Open-source Mac software

There seems to be some useful software here: Open Source Mac – Free Mac software, all open-source, all OS X.

For the unfamiliar, open-source software is software where the authors provide the underlying computer code to everybody. That lets you examine how it really works, compile it to run on a range of machines, and make custom modifications.

Much open source software is free.

P.S. While I am appreciative of free and open-source software, there are a few pieces of commercial software that I really wish I could buy for a bit less money: the latest version of Photoshop, a copy of Office for my laptop, a commercial version of PGP, etc. EndNote would also be useful, as I ramp up research for my doctoral thesis.

Author: Milan

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One thought on “Open-source Mac software”

  1. Of the list of software on Open Source Mac, I have used:

    Mozilla Firefox – my favourite browser, largely thanks to NoScript and AdBlock Plus

    Miro – an OK media player, but I prefer VLC

    Adium – good messaging program that works with MSN chat, GTalk, AIM chat, and other systems

    Quicksilver – an essential interface improvement for Mac OS

    KisMac – useful when desperately seeking wireless internet access

    Cyberduck – OK FTP client, but I think Fetch is worth paying for

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