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Today, I got back the result for my final PhD application. The process has been a long one.

School Application due date Result
University of British Columbia 01-Jan-2012 Accepted – 27 FEB 2012
University of Toronto 16-Jan-2012 Accepted – 6 MAR 2012
McGill 15-Jan-2012 Wait list – 16 MAR 2012 – Rejected – 19 APR 2012
Harvard (GSAS) 15-Dec-2011 Rejected – 23 FEB 2012
Yale 15-Dec-2011 Rejected – 23 FEB 2012
Columbia 1-Dec-2011 Rejected – 1 MAR 2012
University of California, Santa Barbara 1-Jan-2012 Accepted – 2 FEB 2012
Duke 08-Dec-2011 Rejected – 6 FEB 2012
University of Michigan 15-Dec-2011 Rejected – 23 MAR 2012

Tally: 3-6, in a competitive field

Just for fun, I used the acceptance and rejection letters I received to make some word clouds:



If you need to tell what the message of a letter is at a glance, knowing these frequencies may be helpful. Also worth noting: the average acceptance letter contained 491 words, the average rejection letter only 116.

The shortest was a terse 90 words – the longest, an eloquent 818.

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anonymous April 29, 2012 at 2:57 pm

What are your grades / GRE scores like?

Rose May 4, 2012 at 11:15 pm

Congratulations Milan, have you decided on the school yet?

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