Term two, week three


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This is going to be a busy week.

I have a few deferred midterms to grade before teaching tomorrow’s tutorials – for which I also need to redo the readings and devise an enhanced random selection system for student presentations. I will also have office hours and a lecture which I should attend, along with a club event that may be of some interest.

Tuesday we have a 350 meeting, for which I should be working on refining our divestment PowerPoint presentation and advancing logistical preparations for the Presidents’ Day trip to Washington D.C.. I also have my ‘incomplete conquests’ class, for which three books and a chapter have been assigned (topic: the Treaty of Niagara). There is also an ‘EcoFair’ at OISE, where Toronto 350.org will have a booth.

Wednesday I have my self-deception course. We will be discussing Freud’s “The future of an illusion” and Becker’s “Human nature and the heroic; The terror of death; Human character as a vital lie”.

I have a paper due for my core PhD seminar in Canadian politics on Thursday, on the topic: “Have Canadian political scientists devoted too much attention to issues of responsible government to the detriment of analysis of other important questions about Parliament?” For this seminar, there are seven chapters of reading assigned, along with four scholarly articles.

In amongst all this, I need to work on preparing and selling prints for my camera repair fund; work on the major term papers for my Canadian politics classes; figure out a way to pay my second term tuition and Massey fees; respond to 128 emails; track down some comprehensive examinations in Canadian politics from previous years; send various thank you cards; sort notes from last term; and generally advance miscellaneous projects and discharge various obligations.

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Antonia January 25, 2013 at 7:23 am

Very busy! Best wishes for the hectic. Hugs.

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