Early February 2013


in Daily updates, Massey College, Toronto

I have two papers due this week – one for my psychology class and one on ‘the Charter revolution’ for my core Canadian politics seminar. There is also only a week left before my international relations students must submit their second paper, which will probably mean a hectic scene at office hours tomorrow, followed by frantic emails and requests for special meetings later in the week.

In addition, there is the ordinary reading for my three courses, a 350 meeting on Tuesday, my friend Kerrie in town, a climate-related interview with campus radio on Friday, a campaign planning workshop on Friday night, tutoring on Sunday, and preparation for the February 17th trip to Washington D.C.

At some point, I will also try to find time to edit the 16 gigabytes of photos I took at the Massey winter ball, as well as to continue with camera repair fund print sales (the repair is about 1/8th paid for so far).

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