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  • Monday: Trudeau scholarship application
  • Assigned reading for environmental politics
  • Environmental politics seminar
  • Come up with three questions for discussion in Tuesday’s public policy seminar
  • Tuesday: Assigned reading for public policy
  • Public policy seminar
  • meeting (likely to be skipped)
  • Wednesday: Meeting with the professor of the course where I am a TA
  • Assigned reading for Canadian politics core seminar
  • Canadian politics seminar
  • Appearing as part of a ‘conscious activism’ panel at Hart House (my last legacy 350 commitment from when I was president)
  • Thursday: Assigned reading for my tutorials
  • Teach three tutorials
  • Friday: Massey lecture
  • Saturday: (hopefully) Moving the last of my boxes into Massey College
  • Monday: Take-home exam for environmental politics due
  • Assigned reading for environmental politics
  • Come up with three questions for discussion in Tuesday’s public policy seminar
  • Tuesday: Essay due for public policy, on “Policy process II – feedback effects”
  • Presentation for public policy, same topic
  • Assigned readings for public policy

It’s understandable – though unfortunate – that I won’t be able to participate in this year’s Massey College zombie game.

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Milan November 2, 2013 at 7:56 pm

I have jumped all the hurdles up to and including the Massey lecture, leaving the three really big tasks to wrap up.

By Monday, I need to read a book on aquaculture and re-read some of the assigned readings for my environmental policy class. I need to lay out a bibliography for my take-home exam, write a draft, and finalize the thing. Then, I need to come up with three questions about the readings for my public policy course.

By Tuesday, I need to carefully complete my public policy readings, lay out a bibliography for my paper, write a draft, proofread and finalize it, and prepare a 15-minute presentation with speaking notes.

After that, I can move on to dealing with the huge heap of boxes that is currently occupying most of my study – representing the long-delayed conclusion of my four summer moves.

If I manage to get the Trudeau scholarship, it’s exciting that I will be able to stay in Massey over the summer and avoid such inconveniences. I will also get that late-30th birthday Fuji X100S, which would be an amazing camera to carry around all the time and do some beautiful informal photography with.

Milan November 5, 2013 at 1:44 pm

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