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Since the summer of 2011 – right before my bus trip to New Orleans and Washington D.C. – I have been wearing the same pair of Blundstone #500 boots. Buying brand new boots right before a trip was a big mistake, since stretching the side of each boot to accommodate my smallest toe was a long and surprisingly painful process. Despite mostly sitting still, the boots made that long bus ride very painful, and complicated walking about effectively in NOLA and Washington. Once about three weeks had passed, however, the boots proved very comfortable, functional, and versatile. I have worn them with suits at work and formal events, and with every type of clothing in conditions ranging from hot summer days to blizzards.

Now, after years of constant wear, the boots have holes in the leather sides (the leather itself still looks great after a bit of polishing). There is also an especially problematic hole in the rubber sole, right under the ball of my right foot. When the ground is even a bit wet, it acts as a suction device, rapidly drenching my sock.

As soon as I have some money in my bank account again, I intend to pick up another pair. Rather than trying to break them in through continuous wear, my plan is to wear the new boots 25% of the time at first, progressively increasing that figure until they are my main footwear.

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