The clear calendar illusion


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By now, I should intuitively understand that the open-looking weeks three or four weeks away in my calendar won’t be an oasis of productivity for major projects. Inevitably, obligations, alongside photography and PhD work, will end up eating much of the open space before it is actually reached.

Thankfully, a totally open schedule isn’t necessary to progress on major projects. It can even be an impediment, as it can encourage the worst sort of diversion activity: the not-at-all-urgent project which is presently more appealing than what really needs to get done.

My priority projects for the moment:

  1. Write the final term paper for my markets and justice course
  2. Write a substantially longer and more sophisticated PhD research proposal
  3. Get my wedding photography business fully up and running

In addition to the normal Tuesday planning meeting, I am chairing a board meeting tonight and must proofread the bylaws. There is also a divestment meeting tomorrow. Additionally, I have been hired to photograph a Canadian foreign policy conference between tonight and Friday, which unfortunately precludes participation in tomorrow’s Graduate Student Colloquium on Canadian Politics and Public Policy. Indeed, I need to get photos of the panellist at tonight’s 6:45pm event, before dashing off to chair the board meeting at 7:00pm.

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Milan May 13, 2015 at 11:37 pm

4/7 board members were unable to attend the meeting, so it was cancelled for lack of quorum.

I did get photos at the conference, however: Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions

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