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From Sunday to next Saturday, I will be in Ottawa for the Canadian Political Science Association conference, and to visit my excellent friends Andrea and Mehrzad.

Before I go, I need to submit the final term paper for my Markets, Justice, and the Human Good course. Perhaps predictably, I am writing about economic inequality and environmental sustainability as policy objectives that are not always in alignment. I am hoping that once I get comments back and discuss it with Dr. Carens, it may be something I can rework and submit for publication.

Despite having two commercial photography gigs in the last two weeks, this summer without a normally scheduled job is taking a toll. I had to borrow from my PhD fund to pay the summer rent (though I hope to pay myself back with photo work) and am currently sitting with $26.17 in my chequing account. Hopefully, there will be a lot of free food at the conference (though they were notably stingy last year at Brock University).

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