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Orientation for new Massey junior fellows begins on September 3rd.

Massey lunches resume on September 5th. Access to the Hart House gym and U of T Athletic Centre resume on the same day.

Non-academic objectives for the fall: get to know new junior fellows and students in the political science department; eat lunch at Massey regularly; resume a regular gym schedule.

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Milan September 1, 2016 at 12:03 am

I swung by yesterday and learned that the Hart House gym has begun admitting students who didn’t pay the summer fee.

I’m thinking of signing up for their beginner judo class. It would be about $200 with a gi (my high school era gi in Vancouver is likely inaccessible, or too expensive to ship) and would occupy 4+ hours per week. Still, it could be worthwhile from the perspectives of general health, a productive activity to take my mind off the disseratation, and meeting a new group of people.

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