Unions for fossil fuel divestment at U of T


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I was surprised to get an email today saying that three unions (USW1998, CUPE3902 (my union), and CUPE1230) along with the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students wrote to President Gertler to endorse fossil fuel divestment.

The letter highlights how receiving financial benefit from the fossil fuel industry compromises academic integrity and how the industry harms indigenous communities. Notably, it doesn’t mention divestment from any entities targeted by other divestment campaigns at U of T.

It’s encouraging that organizations are still pressing U of T to act, though it’s also a bit troubling that these unions apparently don’t know that the campaign is no longer active, and those of us who were involved didn’t hear about this union initiative until now. In a way that’s probably relevant to my divestment research, it shows how the actions of allies can be uncoordinated.

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alena February 11, 2017 at 11:07 pm

I don’t think that divestment will ever go away and many people are talking about it or in the process of doing it. Your work at the U of T was incredible and it had a strong impact. I think that it will come up again in the future. I am proud of those 3 unions and perhaps someone can fill them in on what happened.

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