Four rounds into a Hive tourney


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I’m playing in the qualifying tournament for the online Hive world championship.

In the first round, my opponent forfeited. In the second, I lost both games (the tournament structure is to play two against each opponent, alternating who moves first). In the third round, I won the game where I moved second (black on though not necessarily under official Hive rules) and so did my opponent.

Yesterday, I lost a game against an opponent playing white, then won the second game, which I think was the most interesting in the tournament so far.

I’m glad I’m not getting totally destroyed in these random match-ups, though I clearly have a lot to learn. Ordinarily, I don’t play with the pillbug expansion, which is standard for these tournaments. I need to update my opening theory to take better advantage of the pillbug and mosquito and generally improve my planning and strategic analysis. As with chess, I tend to play too tactically, which sometimes turns up surprising and effective moves, but can also leave me paralyzed in the late game.

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alena May 15, 2017 at 1:01 pm

Glad you had fun. I have only played the game once, but it was pretty exciting.

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