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I’m at my first day of a three day “dissertation boot camp”. I’m working on adding to four chapters: my issue and literature context chapters and the ones I have started on repertoires of contention and political opportunities.

In the lead-up to starting my undergrad program I bought the only printer I have ever owned. I knew I wanted a PostScript-compatible black and white laser printer to be able to print off attractive essays and a deep discount on a large office-calibre machine tempted me into buying an enormous monster which was always hard to cram into residence rooms and which certainly didn’t accompany me to England, Ottawa, or Toronto. Since then I’ve done all my printing with machines belonging to other people, reasoning that it’s better to have someone else handle the maintenance and nice not to have another big whirring box taking up a corner of my room.

Now in the context of the dissertation and some other fairly ambitious writing projects I’m thinking about ordering a Brother HL-L6200DW printer. Several run-downs of well-regarded printers mention the model, for which a 12,000 page print cartridge is $167.86. It does look pretty large but, since my room isn’t in a house where playing music from the stereo often makes sense, I could sell or give that away to make space for it. That could be fitting in a couple of ways. Tristan actually picked out the stereo in Ottawa, as a possession suitable for somebody with a new and well-paying government job and a reasonably noisy one bedroom apartment to himself. A few days ago, he strongly endorsed Brother’s monochrome laser printers for reliability and affordability. Trying to live simply it makes sense to invest in things that you would use frequently and to remove things from your life which are used as rarely as my stereo, especially if those things are cluttering a significant amount of the space you have to work with.

After a summer of expenses and little earned income I am wary of adding even more to my recent set of alarming credit card bills, but everyone who I have spoken to so far sees a printer as a reasonable purchase for somebody in my position.

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Milan August 23, 2018 at 7:29 pm

Re: the printer, one of the more critical reviews says the quality is so-so, and it’s a pretty big object when you live in a 184 sq ft room.

I feel like I really appreciate perfectly crisp laser text, even if the machine is slower.

Milan August 23, 2018 at 8:15 pm

This may be better: Brother HL-3140CW Digital Colour Laser Printer with Wireless Networking. It’s well-reviewed and colour printing could be a good capability in some circumstances.

The toner is much more expensive than for the other Brother: $124 for a black cartridge, $169 for a replacement drum, and about $100 each for the cyan, yellow, and magenta cartridges… A refill for this thing costs as much as the other printer…

. August 23, 2018 at 8:20 pm

“If you need a laser printer that can handle any print job—from tax forms and labels to envelopes and corporate reports—the HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw is hard to beat. Its easy-to-use touchscreen interface and HP Smart software really stand out from the competition and make setup and daily use far less frustrating than with other printers we’ve tried. It produces crisp black text and vibrant full-color graphics with equal ease. The M254dw is also faster than competing models, pumping out around 17 single-sided pages per minute, and it has a convenient bypass slot that makes printing on envelopes and other odd-sized media easy.”

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