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Today I got a carrel on the 11th floor of Robarts Library, right near all the social movement books which are most important for my thesis. It’s probably the only physical office I will ever have at U of T and you can’t fault the view, looking west over one of the sections of the library roof and across the varsity stadium.

Two strange quirks of Robarts carrels: you get a special card to check out books into them and those books can be renewed an infinite number of times; however, if someone requests a book which is in your carrel a member of the library staff will slip in and collect it, leaving you a note about what they took.

I’m writing a new 1.5 page overarching narrative for my thesis at the request of my supervisory committee at our first meeting yesterday. I also saw Last Man with Holly, which was outstanding. It’s doubtless one of the best historically realistic space films I’ve ever seen, rivalling Apollo 13 i quality of storytelling, production value, and geek appeal.

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Milan June 12, 2019 at 1:40 am

I have made very little use of the carrel. Most of the materials I need are only on my main computer at home, and my laptop is seriously showing its age. Still, it has been a nice place to read occasionally and has made me feel a deeper connection with the Institution that is Robarts.

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