Open thread: shadow solutions to climate change


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In the absence of real political solutions to climate change, Stephen Gardiner argues that: “we are susceptible to proposals for action that do not respond to the real problem. This provides a good explanation of what has gone wrong in the last two decades of climate policy, from Rio to Kyoto to Copenhagen. However, the form of such “shadow solutions” is likely to evolve as a the situation deteriorates. Some recent arguments for pursuing geoengineering may represent such an evolution.”

One example from today: Build walls on seafloor to stop glaciers melting, scientists say

Another example was back when the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggested we could adapt to climate change by altering our physiology.

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. October 10, 2018 at 6:33 pm

Shell boss says mass reforestation needed to limit temperature rises to 1.5C

Ben van Beurden says ‘another Brazil in terms of rainforest’ will help achieve UN target

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