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Today was not a fun day. I was feeling exceedingly ill from the moment I first woke through the whole period of trying to eat, trying to read, and trying to sleep. After a day of that, I am feeling somewhat better, though definitely not up to going to Claire’s bop. I am really hoping that this will mark the end of a strange cycle of sleeplessness, total lack of hunger, and generalized illness that comes and goes without predictability.

A measure of how poor my productivity today was can be had from the fact that I didn’t even manage to read one hundred pages. At least I managed to finish The Tipping Point: a book I recommend. I shall have to do much better tomorrow, and I am resolved to derive some good out of all this by at least resetting my sleep schedule to something much closer to normality. Given the rather large number of tasks I assigned myself for the break – reading, house hunting, scholarship applications, etc – it has been particularly frustrating to be of such diminished capability. From that frustration stems my determination to deal with all of this with alacrity and effectiveness.

In a sense, the Estonia trip has now begun. Sarah is in New York: apparently spending much of her time visiting the excellent libraries there. New York is a place that I shall have to visit again either with a friend or when I have someone there to spend time with. Sarah will arrive in England sometime around the 16th, when I am meant to be meeting her in Radlett in order to proceed to Stansted.

I am off to bed now, ridiculously early, in hopes of pulling off this re-adjustment of somnolent patterns. In the morning, I should be meeting Claire for coffee, before she goes to Kent for Christmas.

  • A Neuromancer style hack, described by Bruce Schneier.
  • I bought my first Christmas gift today, and I think it’s a rather good one. Others for North America will need to be dispatched soon.

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Anonymous December 9, 2005 at 11:24 pm

The weird lack of hunger likely stems from not eating enough. In second year I basically did not eat… I remember just before one December exam I realized that I hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours, but still didn’t feel hungry. Eating is something that unless you practice regularly, it is possible to forget how. Your body resigns itself to not having food and starts to function at lower and lower capacity in order to stave off death. How cheerful.

Eat more!


Anonymous December 10, 2005 at 12:55 am

Helsinki, Finland:

Sunrise: 9:13 AM
Sunset: 3:14 PM

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