Truncated entry: tired, alas

I went for a walk with Emily tonight. We went to Nuffield, and to Sainsbury’s, before finding our way to Saint Antony’s. On the way home, I ended up at a party of Gleider’s involving many lawyers. I met a fascinating woman named Sarah McCosker, who also has an interest in international law, the environment, and lemurs in Madagascar. I hope that I shall see her again soon.

Later, I had a long conversation with Tristan and Jessica. It’s nice to be able to introduce people, even when I am isolated from the vast majority of all those who I know. Those who don’t already have it should get Skype. I promise to introduce you to someone cool.

I am too tired to write more.

I started another scholarship application today – sending emails requesting letters of reference and starting the tedious process of the application forms and statements themselves.

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  1. Hi I’m Simona (Simotta). In the picture on the blog, I’m in Gaeta (Latium) next Rome. Do you live in Oxford, right? I went there in 1999, I attended an English course at the “Brookes University” and spent 15 days at the college “Morrell Hall”. I found Oxford a very beautiful place! If I find some pictures of myself in Oxford, I’ll put them in my blog. Let me know your news! Simona.
    P.S. Sorry for my imperfect English!

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