Gnawa Festival day two

Essaouira walls, Morocco

Life in Essaouira continues to go well. I think I will stay tonight and tomorrow night, then return to Marrakesh. From there, I may try to get on a tour to Cascades d’Ouzoud. I would love to go trekking in the High Atlas but have neither the equipment nor the time to make it happen. I return to Oxford on Wednesday and leave for Vancouver the following Monday. I still haven’t packed, sold, or mailed anything.

In any case, the plan for tonight is more general enjoyment of the town. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will try one of the suggested out trips from here, bringing any interested members of the caravan in tow.

PS. I finished the copy of The Interpretation of Murder that Richard Albert gave me. It was an interesting read, though perhaps more explicit than expected.

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