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When thinking about a general trend – such as increasing the usage of renewables for electricity generation – it is often helpful to consider a case study. Wikipedia’s article on renewable energy in Scotland makes for an interesting read.

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R.K. September 10, 2007 at 12:13 pm

Scots smoke ban ‘improved health’

The Scottish smoking ban has led to a significant advance in public health, the most detailed scientific study of the measure so far has suggested.

The main findings of the study were;

* The ban has reduced second-hand smoke exposure in both children and adults.

* Among primary school children, levels of a by-product of nicotine fell by more than a third (39%) following the ban.

* In adults, cotinine levels fell by almost half (49%) in non-smokers from non-smoking households.

* Non-smokers living in smoking households continued to have high levels of second hand smoke exposure in the home.

* And the authors suggest that further action is urgently required to support smoking households to implement smoke-free homes and cars.

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