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In preparation for my comp on August 22nd, I am reading Sylvia Bashevkin’s 2002 book on “Welfare Hot Buttons”. My general plan is to exhaust the reading list in areas of particular interest — including environmental and aboriginal politics — and to do as much reading as possible that will be applicable to both the comp and my ongoing research project for my Canadian politics core seminar.

For 350, I am mostly working on filling in gaps in the brief, incorporating text and citations that have been submitted to me by others, and continuing with the process of proofreading and formatting.

Some photographic projects are also on the go. My iMac hard drive is now as full as it can be without crippling performance, so I am using my laptop as a fallback. My plan is to earn $600—$700 by doing some photographic projects and then to buy a used Mac Pro to use as a fileserver. Four drive bays with 2TB drives should enable me to keep storing RAW files for a good while yet.

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