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I had a photo gig from 12:00pm to 2:00pm on Monday, followed by post-processing and uploading. I then had a fossil fuel divestment meeting that ran officially from 7:00pm to 9:30 or so, but which flowed into an animated and informative discussion that continued until 11:30pm.

I am meeting with a divestment sub-group to talk about media strategy at 8am later today (Tuesday). At 9am, I am photographing the opening of this year’s Walter Gordon Symposium (WGS), which runs until 9:30pm. I will need to duck out for a long-scheduled and much needed haircut (10am) and then to teach two tutorials about linguistic and cultural diversity (4-6pm). I am going to try to catch the first hour of the Toronto350.org decision-making meeting (7-8pm) before dashing to the WGS keynote (8-9:30pm).

Wednesday, I am photographing intermittently from 10am to 6pm, then covering the WGS closing feast at Hart House.

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