saganangst — fear of nuclear war, and particularly nuclear winter


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We live under constant threat of sudden destruction via nuclear war. It wouldn’t take that many warheads falling on major cities to darken the atmosphere — making the consequences of even a regional exchange (or the payload of a single ‘boomer’ sub) global, and potentially a threat to the integrity of human civilization. The control systems carry a frightening risk of malfunction, particularly in a crisis when nuclear-armed forces may be out of communication with higher level command and at immediate risk of nuclear attack.

The only safe option is to disarm as a global community — spare everyone the costs of the nuclear arms complex, while greatly diminishing the total severity of potential wars.

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. May 22, 2019 at 5:57 pm

He kept asking me if my parents had touched me inappropriately LOL

I was like no… I’m worried that the Soviets will fire nuclear missiles killing us all lol

I then tried to describe how a nuclear bomb worked… teller ulam method, if I recall

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