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Interesting analysis of Trump’s place in American politics and the Republican party — Trump Is Forever:

Until Trump’s election, the working model for American politics was that parties were ideological organizations, not personality cults, and that ex-presidents were seldom seen and never heard.

The post-Trump future may be different: A world where the former president calls into cable shows while tweeting 150 times a day, settling scores, attacking members of his party who he deems insufficiently loyal and paving the way for his son to inherit the office.

If you think about the nature of political parties, the Trumpian view makes a certain amount of sense and what’s remarkable is that the old system lasted for as long as it did. Why is it, exactly, that former presidents have not chosen to actively maintain a grip on their political parties?

The only real explanations for the view of presidents as political stewards are humility, tradition, honor. Even Trump’s most eager apologists would never ascribe any of those traits to him. Why would he think himself constrained by such outmoded thinking?

Why would he voluntarily give up a thing of immense value?

Do you think he will remain influential after leaving office? Does it depend on whether he wins or loses in November?

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alena prazak May 17, 2020 at 6:47 pm

Donald Trump is like no other president before him and likely after him. He is a narcissist and an exhibitionist. Whether he wins or loses, he will want to either gloat or whine. The other former presidents usually find a good cause to dedicate their efforts to.

Oleh May 20, 2020 at 11:45 am

I totally agree with Alena’s comments .

It is also the tradition that former US Presidents are still referred to as Mr. President. Trump will enjoy that.

I also expect that the media supporters of Trump such as Fox News will be pleased to give him a platform.

I do not see Trump leaving the public stage.

anon May 27, 2020 at 9:02 am

Its a tradition not unique to US pollitics but Canada had its own drama in the mid-2000s when Chretien and Martin feuded for the Liberal party even after Chretien left office. In the end it cost them a decade on the sidelines, a lesson for the Republicans.

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