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Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Today brought more apartment hunting. I saw one place that was nice, but ridiculously far west, overpriced, and noisy. It was west of work, which is itself west of the interesting parts of the city. The second was a furnished bachelor that I didn’t much like the look of; sleeping on a sofa bed for a year is probably not a good idea for those who care about their spines. The third place was a dingy cave of a basement near the University of Ottawa: huge, but dark and poorly maintained. Finally, I had a look at a place on Robert St, in an area called the Golden Triangle. The apartment itself is a somewhat small, somewhat awkwardly shaped, and up two flights of narrow stairs. The location, by contrast, is excellent. It’s a bit far from work, but right beside the canal in an upscale part of town. Elgin Street (an interesting commercial street with restaurants and such) is close at hand. Cycling to work would probably take about forty minutes, and could be done along two really nice bicycle paths.

Today also brought a target of opportunity: somewhere not on the master list I have been carrying around, but advertised in a nice looking window. On the way to the expensive place, I passed a nice looking ground floor apartment on Booth St. It is extremely close to work, though there are noise and security issues involved in being on the first story of a house right beside a major street. I am having a look right after work tomorrow, at which point I think I will decide between the Booth St and Robert St options. Both are available immediately, and I am loathe to lose a third place to a more immediately decisive renter.

It will be good to finally have a semi-permenant base of operations.

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Tom July 19, 2007 at 6:34 am

I would choose the good place in a great area, rather than the reverse. As long as the inside is not too problematic, it is your neighbourhood that does most to establish quality of life.

Anon July 19, 2007 at 7:21 am

Here is a group to check out:

Ottawa storytellers

Jessica July 19, 2007 at 10:48 am

I agree on choosing based on neighborhood, so long as the place is livable. My new apartment is tiny and I have to share a bathroom with my neighbor, but it’s in a great neighborhood, right on a major bus line and 15 minutes from my place of employment.

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