I have said before that only multilateral negotiation can address climate change. Today The Guardian has one proposal: We need a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty – and we need it now. The article argues: A new line in the sand is needed to underpin the existing climate agreement, to exert influence over the immediate choices […]


There’s some hope perhaps that experiences like extreme weather events and wildfires will boost the salience of climate change in the population and shift atittudes toward more robust controls on carbon emissions. Anecdotally: In North Carolina, hurricanes did what scientists could not: Convince Republicans that climate change is real


Tzeporah Berman’s comments to the Alberta Teachers Association are well worth reading. She highlights how Canada keeps operating with an outdated notion of how usable and competitive the bitumen sands are, and that the case for new pipelines collapses when you consider what the world as a whole needs to do to address climate change. […]

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Canadians (and especially Canadian politicians) seem to often work from the assumption that so much has been spent on developing Alberta’s oil sands that Canada is now committed to continuing with the project. There are many problems with the argument. Particularly when it comes to new investments, it could be seen as a case of […]


There’s another dire warning from the IPCC: Final call to save the world from ‘climate catastrophe’ There seems little reason to hope that people will react differently to this one than to the 1990, 1996, 2001, 2007, and 2014 reports. Our collective future is a massive ethical blindspot. People who wouldn’t think about missing a […]


A carbon tax is a liberty-respecting, economically efficient mechanism to help address the threat of climate change and build a sustainable, prosperous society. It ought to be welcomed and supported by policy-savvy fair-minded conservatives who want to live up to their ideals while stewarding the integrity of the planet for future generations. Meanwhile in Canada: […]

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Another case of conspiratorial thinking, selfish politicians, and conflict threatening to make a deadly serious threat into a dire global emergency: Pockets of “reluctance, refusal and resistance” to accept Ebola vaccination were generating many of the new cases, Salama said. “We also see a very concerning trend. That resistance, driven by quite natural fear of […]


OPEC may not be the most disinterested source, but their projections are nonetheless disheartening: In a forecast that will dismay environmentalists – and which questions the theory that oil company reserves will become “stranded assets” – Opec’s annual report significantly revised production estimates upwards. Most of the production increase will come from countries outside Opec, […]


The researchers and trauma experts Bessel A. van der Kolk and Alexander C. McFarlane write, “Reason and objectivity are not the primary determinants of society’s reactions to traumatized people. Rather … society’s reactions seem to be primarily conservative impulses in the service of maintaining the beliefs that the world is fundamentally just, that people can […]


We live under constant threat of sudden destruction via nuclear war. It wouldn’t take that many warheads falling on major cities to darken the atmosphere — making the consequences of even a regional exchange (or the payload of a single ‘boomer’ sub) global, and potentially a threat to the integrity of human civilization. The control […]